Products and Services

For Companies

See a market, an effort, a product or an obstacle through the lens of behavior. This can present a company with opportunities and ways to serve people that it didn’t see before.



See what’s behind certain behaviors within a market and see how ready people are for an effort, product or idea.

Raise Capital (For Early Stage Ventures)

What evidence can you give investors that your idea will catch on in the market? A readiness assessment can give a new ventures information about how it will be received and the potential barriers to its adoption.


Develop A Product

See the attributes of a product through the lens of behavior in order to see what attributes will speed the rate of adoption. See what needs are underserved and why a feature may be valuable to a population.

See What’s Ahead

See what’s shaping the market and what opportunities that presents your company, or learn about the readiness of a population for a certain product or service.

Stay Ahead Of Competitors

Use behavioral and competitive frameworks to predict what is going to be most important to customers, what threats exists and what competitors may do next. These predictive models can uncover certain features of the market, suggest how a market may evolve and show customer desires in a context that allows for more effective planning.


Elicit a behavior in defined populations with our evidence-based programs.

Launch An Effort

Efforts and strategies can fail because of low rates of participation within a company. Uncover the (often hidden) barriers to adoption and find ways to surmount these barriers so that the company can be more responsive to pressures and more effective in responding to opportunities.


Make A Market

If you hold a marathon, you’ve just made a market for bottled water and t-shirts. If you open a park, you’ve just made a market for ice cream. Making a market is changing a set of circumstances so that there is demand in a new area. See how to make a market for socially and environmentally beneficial products and services.

Update Sales Efforts

See the hidden things behind a yes or a no and reduce the barriers to person opting for the product or service. By finding levers to reduce these barriers—and better understanding what is behind a response—a company can improve the rate of response of sales efforts and client meetings.